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(ENDE255) Bang Man - Bangin' Beats UK breakcore/IDM mashup producer Bang Man is no stranger to ENDE Records. He submitted a track to the "Off The Grid 3" compilation in 2015 and did a SPLITENDES split single with Erohypnos in 2016. We've been asking him for something... probably since then and we never seemed to be able to catch him. In the meantime he released a few EPs on UK label Legs Akimbo after the brilliant "I'm The Guy" which initially caught our attention! So it's 2019 and now we got him! Bang Man's "Bangin' Beats", his third album since 2017's "Core Blimey". Bang Man loves a good sample. Loves cheesy rave stabs, distorted amens and solid, thunderous kick drums all delivered with heapings of humourously mocked jungle cliches and low reese grinders. The breakwork is second to none. When not indulging in IDM cuts and fills. The break assembly is never boring. Varied, solid snares and metal clanging, half timed jungle/hip hop breaks. Although"Slutdrop" could be some of the most whorish, self indulgent gabber I've ever heard, with duelling kick drums competing for attention. Watch for the hip hop closer "Professional Blazer" which has a fantastic talkbox sounding solo.

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